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Motivational Counseling

Motivational counseling aims to assist people in achieving their personal goals. We understand that mental illness and substance use aren’t the only things that can hinder personal growth and we seek to help our clients navigate obstacles and overcome challenges in their lives.


Discovery Program

The Discovery Program is a Chemical Health Education Program that is designed to meet the needs of individuals who may not meet diagnostic criteria for substance abuse, but who may have experienced consequences as a result of substance use. Discovery aims to educate individuals as well as to engage in discussions regarding stress resilience, connecting with others and learning from our experiences.


Chemical Health Assessments

We provide comprehensive chemical health assessments


  • Assessments generally take 90 minutes to two hours
  • Assessments are sometimes required by court services and are required to access and formal treatment services
  • We recommend appropriate services specific to client need instead of being required to refer clients to our own services

One-Day DWI Class

Our One-Day DWI class explores thought and behavior patterns and how being under the influence can impact decision making and likelihood of DWI recidivism. This course illustrates the consequences of further DWIs and includes a Victim Impact Panel with Minnesotans for Safe Driving. This course is contracted with both Hennepin and Dakota County to help decrease DWI recidivism.

($140) ($20 reschedule fee)

Driving with Care


Our 6-week Driving with Care course explores negative thought processes and emotions that influence our decisions and unwanted behaviors. This course meets criteria for a Level 1 driving with care course as required by courts and vehicle services.

The Building Bridges Driving with Care Program is an evidenced based program to fill court requirements for a Level 1 DUI class. This class will discuss many topics, ranging from the legal issues surrounding a DUI/DWI, to our relationship with alcohol and chemicals. This information is based on information from both long form, and one-day DUI/DWI classes to provide a useful blend of both clinical and educational materials. The BB:DWCP also includes a Victim Impact Panel; you will not need to attend a separate MADD/VIP if you complete the program.


Youth and Family Education Program

Our Youth and Family Education Program is designed to educate youth and their families regarding the science behind substance use and its potential effects on the family system.

Drug Education


Our 6-hour Drug Education class aims to provide support to those who struggle with substances to gain an understanding of addiction and drug abuse. This course aims to provide support for those who may not need treatment but have experienced consequences of use or those who would like to learn more about these subjects.

The Building Bridges: Drug Education Program is designed to provide information on the physical, social, and psychological interactions with mind altering substances. This program is designed to be useful both as a primer for those new to learning about drugs and alcohol, as well as a unique perspective for those who have been to treatment before and need a refresher course. In this DEP you will first learn about how addiction can happen; next we will review what it does to a person’s body, thought process, and relationships; finally, we will discuss how to change behavior and thought patterns long-term.


Cognitive Skills


Our 6-hour Cognitive Skills course aims to increase insight into problematic thinking patterns and how they impact emotions, feelings, and behaviors. This course assists to increase thought management and emotional regulation skills.

The Building Bridges Cognitive Skills Course is both a stand-alone clinic on mental experience and thought change as well as an effective supplement for the Drug Education Program. In this program we will learn how situations, thoughts, and feelings interact in the mind. We see it as critical for thought change to identify how our perception of the world impacts our mind, and how changing our thoughts can change our lives. In this program you can expect to learn about what techniques therapists might use to help you conceptualize your life, and what tools to use to improve yourself. If you come through this course with an honest desire for self-discovery you will leave with insights about how your thoughts may have been working against you and how you can enhance your thinking.